Trophies, Monoliths and Artefacts

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 10:33


Trophies are Descendants that have Sway stored in them.

A Descendant can store as many points of Sway as its highest roll doubled.

A Trophy gains a bonus to all its rolls equal to the Chi (or half the Sway) stored in it reduced.

Trophies may have Wyrd Tarot Cards played upon them, just like characters can.

Trophies can store wounds just like Descendants, but they can also spend stored Sway as Chi instead of taking a wound (equal to the pip of the wound).


When a Trophy is filled by a Mercari it becomes a Monolith (this can’t happen with Grunt filled Trophies).

A Mercari can create any number of Monoliths, but can only carry Wyrd Boon Reduced. A Solo can carry Personality Annex Boon Reduced Monoliths.

When the Mercari stores its final point of Chi they can place a card upon the Monolith this becomes the Monolith’s Significator. The Monolith can allow the Wielder to play any Wyrd Tarot card as its Significator for a cost of the the Significator’s Face Value in Sway.

Monoliths grant the wielder an extra proficiency d6 (up to 4d6!)

Monoliths additionally have a Monolith power

Monolith Powers

Pick one.

  • Generates 4 Sway with each use
  • May pull and play a Chi card each use
  • Cannot have a crisis success.
  • Ignore one Umbral / Handicap
  • Always rolls maximum
  • Becomes sentient (replace Descendant with a Grunt)

Monolith Handicap

Monoliths always have a Handicap. This is usually a Dependence “Personal” Handicap which has a Boon equal to the Chi stored in it. The Handicap triggers if anyone but the owner touches the Monolith. Many Monoliths may have other Handicaps allowing them to be handed on, passed to another Mercari, or found as treasures. Often such treasure Monoliths will be a partial embodiment of one of the sides of the Conflict and choose their Handicap accordingly.

Monoliths can spend Chi just like a Trophy to avoid damage, and will not lose its Monolith power until it has been emptied of Chi, when it will become a normal Prop.


Grand Mercari, Solos, and the like can store Yarn in Monoliths turning them into Artefacts.

An Artefact stores as much Yarn as a Monolith stores Chi (equal to the highest roll of the Descendent)

A Solo can create any number of Artefacts, but can only carry Wyrd Boon Reduced Artefacts.

Artefacts have 2 Monolith powers and an Artefact power (and still add Chi stored reduced)

Artefacts increase proficiency dice from a d6 to a d8, and still add an extra dice (4d8 for Grand Mastery).

Artefact Powers

  • Wielder Scale +1
  • Grants wielder an additional Core
  • Grants wielder an additional Annex
  • Has its own Superskill calculated by doubling the Boon so a Boon 10 Annex (1d6) could be doubled to 20 (1d8+1) and gain the Nimbeds from the Root and Channel Facets of the Annex.
  • Wielder may ignore all Umbrals on all Annexes
  • Has a single I-Ching granting a * power to the wielder
  • Sidestep whenever drawn / used (by rolled dice-roll Yarn). So a Boon 20 would roll 1d8+10 and have a sidestep of 11 to 18 Yarn (Perhaps Polymorphing a floor for a scene).

Artefact Cost

  • Artefact Handicap x maximum dice roll reduced
  • Wielder Handicap (actually an infectious Artefact Handicap)
  • Can only be wielded by “The Chosen One” or the Creator
  • Generates additional Plot Dæmons that plague the wielder.

Artefacts that are drained completely of Chi/Yarn become Props again, not Monoliths or Trophies.


You can purchase Trophies, Monoliths and Artefacts, they are priced similarly to Descendants although they have an additional modifier, but every whole point of Chi stored in the Trophy (etc) must also be paid for.

Descendant Type Additional Chi Cost
Trophy +8
Monolith +12
Artefact +21