Geometry Guide

Posted on Monday, March 18th, 2013 at 15:58


In T13 the name the Character uses governs some aspects of their nature, to encourage you to play out this nature the Character receives additional Chi, Yin or Yang depending how you play them and make them act. You can look up the Character’s name on this table:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A B G D E S O Ch Th
J Bh Gh M N U Z F Ts
Q C L T   V   H Tz
Y K Sh     W   P  
I  R       X   Ph  

Look up the individual letters of the Characters name and add the numbers together. If this produces a number higher than 10 then you may add the digits together (although you don’t have to for 11, 12 and 13) and so on. E.g. Desi has 4+5+6+1=17=1+7=8 so Desi has a Geometry of 8

  1. Circle
    • Gain Chi by giving orders or succeeding alone.
    • Gain Yang by acting Ambitious, Dominant or Ruthless.
    • Gain Yin by acting Stubborn or Tyrannical.
  2. Half-moon
    • Gain Chi by Following orders or telling a lie.
    • Gain Yang by acting Articulate or Deceitful.
    • Gain Yin by acting Intuitive, Depressive or Over-sensitive.
  3. Triangle
    • Gain Chi when you act proud or plan.
    • Gain Yang by acting Energetic or Gossipy.
    • Gain Yin by acting Independent or Listening.
  4. Square
    • Gain Chi when you manipulate another or give practical aid.
    • Gain Yang by acting Rebellious or Touchy.
    • Gain Yin by acting Steady or Sympathetic
  5. Pentagon
    • Gain Chi by donating Chi to others (2 for each 1 donated) or acting Sensually.
    • Gain Yang by acting Generous, Self-assured or Impulsive.
    • Gain Yin by acting Pompous or Pretentious.
  6. Hexagon
    • Gain Chi by Rewarding and Punishing others or displaying vanity.
    • Gain Yang acting Obstinate, Petty or Insular.
    • Gain Yin by acting Trustworthy, Humane or Discriminating.
  7. Septagon
    • Gain Chi by Positing a theory, making guesses or changing your mind.
    • Gain Yang by acting Diplomatic, Refined, or Fickle.
    • Gain Yin by acting Philosophical, Introverted or Apathetic.
  8. Octogon
    • Gain Chi by Another’s misfortune, failure or demonstrating Willpower.
    • Gain Yang by acting Probing, Passionate or Jealous.
    • Gain Yin by acting Suspicious or Cold.
  9. Nonagon
    • Gain Chi by acting Enthusiastic, Honest or Blunt.
    • Gain Yang by acting Courageous or Quarrelsome.
    • Gain Yin by acting Big-headed/arrogant.
  10. Decagon / Pentagram (note can be 1 instead)
    • Gain Chi when you give advice against action or hinder another.
    • Gain Yang by acting Responsible, Pedagogic or Oppressive.
    • Gain Yin by acting Economical, Inhibited or Mean.
  11. Undecagon or Hendecagon (or use 2)
    • Gain Chi by helping others or being vague.
    • Gain Yang by acting Mystical or Two-faced.
    • Gain Yin by acting Altruistic, Just or Independent.
  12. Dodecagon or Hexagram (Star of David) (or use 3)
    • Gain Chi when another nearby gains Chi, or by acting Self-Sacrificing.
    • Gain Yang by acting Intuitive, Unreliable or Unforgiving
    • Gain Yin by acting Complete (no great needs) or Lazy.
  13. Tridecagon or Triskaidecagon (or use 4)
    • Gain Chi when you make a guess, or by acting Intuitive.
    • Gain Yang by acting Philosophical or Passionate.
    • Gain Yin by acting Insecure, Pedantic or Two-faced.