Psychology Tests

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 19:58

In T13 Psychology is treated as a type of Attack. Conversions, Curses, Ducks, Lectures and Malign attacks are all Psychological in nature usually. However, some Nimbed effects are described as having Emotional effects in addition to normal use of the Annex, this is usually described in terms of Fear/Terror/Horror but in actual fact there is always a three level effect to any emotional event. These are equivalent to the normal levels of Annex tests. So while we may talk in terms of Fear, Terror, Horror these rules can be applied to any emotional state e.g. Annoyed, Angry, Wrathful. For simplicity a Ref can consider Skills to cause Fear, Talents Terror and Powers Horror for Locations and Descendants that should have Psychological effects.

Fight or Flight

Under certain circumstances the defender may immediately draw a Fight or Flight Combat card. Also if they have not yet rolled initiative for the Ordeal then Fight or Flight will automatically allow them to roll initiative. They may also play a Combat card from their hand automatically (It can be the same card, but doesn’t have to be).

Facet (The Fear Test) – Created by a single Facet

The Test draws a single Ordeal card and all those affected by it (e.g. those observing the Annexes use) may attempt to defend themselves. Those defending may draw Personality Boon Double Reduced Ordeal cards and play 1. The two cards are compared.

Defender plays Result
Higher Fear Wound ignored
Same Fear Wound ignored. Defender gets Fight or Flight card.
Lower Take the card they drew as a wound.

Fear Wounds are slightly different to normal Wounds in their effects. They normally affect the Personality Annex directly.

Wound Additional Effect
Distract Normal
Flesh Cannot approach source of Fear until discarded
Maim Must Flee source of Fear until discarded
Crippling Faints at sight of Fear source until healed.
Mortal Causes Fear of… normal Handicaps not Dying
Carnage Causes Fear of… Dæmonic Handicaps not Dead

Skill (The Terror Test)

Created by two Facets working together. Terror draws two cards at a time but the defender can still only play one card.

Defender Draws Result
Higher than both Terror ignored
Same as Higher Terror Ignored, Fight or Flight
Lower than one Higher card taken as a Fear Wound
Lower than both Take drawn card as a Terror Wound

Terror wounds also directly affect the Personality Annex.

Terror Wound Additional effect
Distract Must Scream, until discarded.
Flesh Must Freeze until Healed/Discarded.
Maim Must assume Foetal position until Healed
Crippling Loses consciousness until Healed
Mortal Can cause any normal Handicap type
Carnage Can cause any Dæmonic Handicap type

Terror Handicaps can include any type, but it is normal to have, Fear, Madness, Vague (Amnesia), Paranoia, Loss of Sense (e.g. Hysterical Blindness) or Taboo Handicaps.

Talent (Horror test)

Caused by three Facets working together to create the Horror test.

Horror draws 3 cards. The Defender can still only play 1 card.

Defender Draws Result
Higher than all three Lowest card taken as Fear Wound
Same as Highest Lowest card taken as a Fear Wound and Fight or Flight
Lower than one Drawn card taken as Fear Wound
Lower than two Drawn card taken as Terror Wound
Lower than three Highest wound taken as Terror Wound.

Types of Emotional Effect

Base Emotion Notes Suggested Handicap
Fear Negative emotion, Fear / Terror / Horror Fear
Trust Positive emotion, Acceptance / Trust / Admiration Duty
Surprise Negative emotion, Amazement / Surprise / Shock Fatigued
Sadness Negative, Pensive / Sad / Grief Lament
Disgust Negative, Contempt / Disgust / Revulsion Taboo
Anger Negative, Annoyance / Anger / Rage Offensive
Joy Positive, Serenity / Joy / Ecstasy Dependance
Anticipation Positive, Interest / Anticipation / Vigilance Paranoia
Love Positive, Fondness / Love / Passion Devotion
Certainty Positive, Hope / Assured / Certain Madness
Anxiety Negative, Nervous / Anxious / Distressed Doubt
Wonder Positive, Astonishment, Wonder, Stupefaction Vague

Positive emotions are not truly wounds, but use wound effects to model them.
For example falling in Love is the equivalent of a Terror test, with Mortal and Carnage wounds potentially creating Devotion Handicaps. Referees can determine appropriate Handicaps to mimic the effects of any particular emotional effect for Fear level attacks. However Terror and Horror level effects have a far greater range of available Handicaps. For example someone may be struck blind with Wonder or be Stagnated by Certainty. It’s all up to the Ref.