Posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 at 02:56

Writers write, we have to, sometimes I write huge novels, but then I have smaller ideas that don’t need a whole book to themselves. These are some of those stories, available absolutely free.

Paradox War Prequels

The Paradox War books available everywhere Before the launch of my Paradox War Trilogy I decided to prequel some of the aspects of the story, and give some people something to read after they have finished ‘An0ma1y‘. These shorts touch upon the themes of the novels I hope they do not act as spoilers for the main books, where possible I have not used the main characters from the Trilogy. The shorts are included in the Omnibus between the books.

  • Paradox War: First Shadow: This story follows a very odd evening in the life of Desi, an Ambulance Driver somewhere in the South-East of England. This Desi is one of the Alternates dreamt about by the “Real” Desi of the Novels
  • Paradox War: Second Shadow: The children ask Brahman Tolmure to tell them a story.

Ironmaster & Other Tales extracts

Ironmaster is a Mosaic Novel, made up of short form fiction (some of the stories are Novella length, some Novelette, and most are short stories). To promote the book I have made some of those stories available here absolutely free:

  • Scratch Iron : Introduces the world of Ironmaster.Scratch Iron Illustration
  • Ginny Greenteeth : Our first encounter with the Fairies that haunt that world.Ginny Greenteeth illustration
  • Sky-kraken : Far above the clouds aboard the Air Ship Sabrina danger strikes and heroes are revealed.Sky-kraken illustration
  • The Death of Dangly Dan : Former military man, Detective Ken Hoxton, is about to get into a mystery that goes back to his past and changes his future.The Death of Dangly Dan illustration

 Stand alone Stories

  • Morning Monsters: A stand alone science-fiction horror story set aboard a space station. Creepy and evocative. Morning Monsters Cover art
  • Further Information: A stand alone science-fantasy story about a Demon-hunter’s mission to a rural community.Further information short story cover image

More may follow… if you want more stories write me a comment — I respond well to encouragement 😉