Lite Characters

Posted on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 at 18:04

Lite Characters are another way of defining T13 characters that can be used as PCs or NPCs as the Ref requires, they work as follows:

  1. Lite Characters have between 1 and 13 Handicaps- these work exactly like normal Handicaps but generally are not considered demonic unless they are greater than Boon 20.
  2. For each Banepoint of Handicaps the Lite Character may select a Proficiency. If you want you can multiply/combine proficiencies to make the Lite equivalent of Annexes.
    Lite Characters are considered to have Facets of Boon 13 for Umbral and Nimbed Purposes (although Referees are welcome to use a different Boon if they prefer. You can also use the Boon of Handicaps to determine an appropriate Facet Boon). The equivalent Boon (and Dice) may be altered by the Referee (across all equivalent Lite Characters). Otherwise use just use this table.

    Proficiency Equivalent Boon(Value) Equivalent Rolls
    x1 Proficiency 2(5) 1d6(3)
    x2 Proficiency/Skill 5(16) D10(5)
    x3 Proficiency/Talent (with Umbral) 8(32) 2d6(7)
    x4 Proficiency/Talent with Umbral and Nimbed 12(59) 2d6(7)
    x5 Proficiency/Power with Umbral + 2 Nimbeds 16(92) 2d6(7)
    x6 Proficiency/Power with 2 Umbrals + 2 Nimbeds 21(142) 2d8(9)
    x7 Proficiency/Power 2 Umbrals + 3 Nimbeds 26(203) 2d8(9)
    x8+ Proficiency/Super-Skill (all appropriate Nimbeds) 32(289) 2d10(11)
  3. Lite characters may have Geometry, Personality, and Core (both selected from one of their Proficiency or Handicap Facets) and may randomly select I-Ching (if a PC they really should have the set)
  4. Lite characters store Yin on their Handicaps and hold Yang on their Proficiencies and store the Value of the Handicap Boon, or equivalent (a x10 Handicap can hold 45 Yin where as Strong x4 could store 59 Yang).
  5. Lite characters store Chi like normal PCs but the Personality Annex is calculated from the Handicap Values plus the highest Proficiency as a Boon. That is… Personality Annex Boon is equal to Max Yin looked up as Value to a Boon + Highest Proficiency Boon equivalent (e.g. a character with a Super-skill [x8+] would add 32 to their Personality Annex Boon).
  6. Lite Characters can store 1 Wound per Proficiency/Annex and can only stack a Maximum of 3 of the same Wound type before they increase a Level.