Real Estate and Provinces

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 17:40

Real Estate

When a Mercari invests Chi in a Location Descendant (sentient Locations are Characters and don’t become Real Estate or Provinces, but Mercari or Solo) where as another Descendant would become Monolithed the Location becomes Real Estate (it may already have been Trophied with Yin and/or Yang Sway).

The amount of Chi a location can store is equal to the Value of the Location’s Size Boon.

Real Estate may have 2 Real Estate Powers and must have an Owner Dependance Handicap (or similar) equal to the Boon Reduced.

All Real Estate can be landscaped by its owner for 1 point of Chi. Landscaping allows minor changes in decor or arrangement of the Location.

Real Estate adds Chi stored Double Reduced to its rolls.

Real Estate Powers

  • +1 success level to all Owner actions while in the Real Estate.
  • Real Estate has a card played by the Owner upon it at all times, that all present in the Location receive the effects of.
  • Real Estate has a Core of its own.
  • Grants an extra proficiency die to the Owner when present automatically.
  • Grants an additional Annex to the Owner at all times.
  • Grants an additional 2 Annexes to the Owner when present.
  • Owner may ignore an Umbral or Handicap when present.
  • Grants Owner an I-Ching * power.


Provinces store Yarn like Real Estate stores Chi. When Real Estate has been filled it can be turned into a Province with a point of Yarn. Any stored Chi is reduced and becomes stored Yarn.

Provinces have 5 Real Estate powers.

Provinces are very mutable for the Owner, with all Side-stepping and Metaphor costs paid in Chi rather than Yarn. Other Solos must overcome the additional costs of affecting a Province and the “Owner Dependance” Handicap.