Character Proficiencies

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 18:40

Dice Tests and Proficiencies

When a Character in T13 makes a dice roll test they roll the dice associated with the Facet of the action they are doing (or a suitable Annex) and one applicable Descendant (you can roll more than one Annex or Descendant, but it costs extra Sway to activate each one). You also must look at how many Proficiencies you have that are applicable to the task you are attempting. If a proficiency is particularly applicable it may count double for this test. So if you have a Proficiency in Repairing Swords and you are asked to repair a sword then you effectively have 2 Proficiencies and may add a 1d6 Proficiency Die.

Number of Proficiencies Result / Proficiency Dice
0 Rolled score is halved
1 No modifiers or special rules
2 +1d6 Prof Dice
3 +2d6 Prof Dice
4 +3d6 Prof Dice

Proficiency Crisis

If your Proficiency Dice roll maximum or minimum (all 6s or all 1s normally) then you are experiencing a Proficiency Crisis. A Proficiency Crisis has a number of effects, which vary depending on whether the roll has passed or not.

Roll Crisis Result
Success 1s (Snake Eyes) Automatically Stalemate
Success 6s (Boxcars) Reversal of Success
Failure 1s (Snake Eyes) Reversal of Success
Failure 6s (Boxcars) Automatic Stalemate
  • Automatic Stalemate – Regardless of the roll involved the action was not successful or a failure, a Crisis has occurred but the action remains unresolved.
  • Reversal of Success – Whatever the result of the roll as well as the rolled result you will also experience the opposite level of failure. So if you roll Boxcars on a Superior Success you’ll also experience a Serious failure.
  • When a Crisis occurs each player may elect to keep one Wyrd Tarot or Yarn card from their hand or in play (note that Ordeal Pools are not affected). The rest of the Wyrd Tarot Cards (including the deck, the discard pile and any cards in play) are gathered and shuffled. Then all hands are re-dealt once more (to full).
  • A Proficiency Crisis automatically creates a new ‘Save’ Chronolith.
  • A Proficiency Crisis automatically lets a Character combine the Proficiencies and Annexes being rolled into a new Skill, Talent or Power, assuming they have the free slots. A Character with no free Annex slots may opt to create instead a new Descendant, but the Descendant must be non-physical (such as an idea) and must be purchased (at half price though, which is nice), although it is created as though it is a new Annex (so all Facet Boons, Values, etc. are treated as the Character’s Facet Boons).