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Posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 00:05

I write Speculative-Fiction (Science-Fiction, Science-Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk-fairy-tales, etc) or SF books, influenced by science-fiction, weird-fiction, comic books, Forteana, mythology, philosophy and the fringes of both quantum mechanics and internet culture. 

Photoshopped image of the author and some of his books

That’s me and some of my books…

Sometimes I present worlds that are hard science fiction creations twisted by hyper-advanced science to appear as fantasy like the Paradox War series, and sometimes I take fairy-tales and give them them a scientific or horror twist like Ironmaster & Other Tales.

Then again my latest thing is blending Cthulhu Mythos and Thriller into a Cthriller… Or the new “With Strange Aeons” series.

My writing has been described as weird-fiction, intelligent, genre-mashing, and consistently mind-blowing science-fantasy with a comedic twist.

My books

All these books available

In short, it’s British Cult weirdness, drawing on influences like Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, H2G2, Fortean Times, Harry Potter, Sapphire & Steel, Discworld, Tales of The Unexpected, Red Dwarf, and that weird bloke in the pub who always knows what’s really going on.

I write the kind of books that you want your friends to read, just so you can talk about it with them, and be the cool one for having read it first.