Dark Matter

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 15:25

When a character stores Twists in a Descendant, Trophy, Monolith or Artefact it Twists the reality of the prop. This warps the prop and it will never be quite the same again.

Storing Twists in Descendents.

You can store as many points of Twists as you can points of Chi. Storing 1 point of Twist in any Descendant immediately makes that Descendant into Dark Matter. Unlike Chi and Yarn, Twists stored in a Descendant can never be removed again. They have a permanent effect upon the Descendant that cannot be undone, only destroyed. A Descendant that has not been Trophied can have Twists, but it is limited to the normal Trophy Max (The highest Score the Descendant can roll e.g. a longsword 1d8 can only hold 8 Twists).

Dark Matter Powers.

Any Descendant may store the Twists it has to create a Dark Matter Power. Dark Matter may have one Power for each Handicap plus an extra one.

Dark Matter Powers are powered by stored Twists, and are essentially similar to the normal effects of Twists.


By adding a Twist the character’s subconscious mind “possesses” the Descendant. This isn’t quite the same as a Possession Pact, as the Animated Descendant will act as the Ref decides the character’s subconscious would have it behave.
The number of Twists stored in Animate reduced governs the level of Possession Animation that the Descendant has.

Animation counts towards a possession pact, automatically. So you can add 1 Twist of your own to increase the possession level from time to time.

Sway Multiplication

By storing Twists in the this power the Dark Matter will automatically multiply any Sway spent through the Dark Matter.

The Sway Multiplication is equal to 1+ stored Twists double Reduced.

Soul Stealing

By storing Twists in this power the Dark Matter will have a Soul Steal power that activates automatically as you strike with the Dark Matter. The Soul Steal automatically affects the target to a level of the stored Twists Reduced.

Ignore Facet

The Dark Matter Descendant Ignores one Facet for each Ignore Facet power. However, the Wielder can also Ignore the Facet for a duration calculated from the Stored Twists Reduced.

Sway Vampirism

The Dark Matter Descendant will drain Chi equal to the number of stored Twists each time it affects a target and give them to the Wielder.

Twisted Assault

The Dark Matter Descendant has access to additional Ordeal Cards when used to attack. It can always play an additional card from the Wielder’s Ordeal Pool.

Twisted Regeneration

The Dark Matter Descendant can draw Stored Twists Double Reduced additional Ordeal cards whenever damaged to try and heal itself.

Dark Matter special rules.

When using Dark Matter there are some special rules to bear in mind.

  • Dark Matter Artefacts (Twisted Artefacts) can store as many points of Twists as they have points of Chi. Which can be very high.
  • If the Dark Matter makes the killing blow upon a target then in addition to the Chi you gain, you will also gain a Twist.
  • A Dark Matter Descendant that is destroyed will release a burst of Twists that will act as an explosion. The Descendant is destroyed, but the Wielder and anyone within total stored Twists reduced metres will take damage as though struck by all the cards the Dark Matter draws.