Welcome to CJMoseley.co.uk

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2016 at 01:53
Indie Author CJ Moseley and his books

Welcome to CJMoseley.co.uk

I’m CJ Moseley, British independent author of science-fiction, fantasy and horror (or speculative fiction) stories and books such as the mind-blowing ‘Paradox War trilogy‘, Steampunk epic ‘Ironmaster & Other Tales‘ and the Cthulhu influenced thrillers ‘With Strange Aeons‘ series.

My current paperbacks sitting on the sofa.

Some of my books

You can find all my books on Lulu and Amazon, and read reviews of them all on this site before you buy, at least the ones that have reviews….

I apologize that there is not more information on the books available, but the Plugin that displays books has not been updated in several months and seems to be not displaying properly.

Indie authors have to rely on our fans to find us through word of mouth, so if you enjoy an Indie Author’s books, review them and tell your friends on social media. Otherwise, no one will ever know how you felt about that book you read, and poor, destitute writers like myself have to get day jobs and not write as much. You don’t want that on your conscience, do you? I mean, I could end up serving you drinks or pizza if I don’t sell enough books!

This site is my place to collect my thoughts from across the vastness of cyberspace and pass comment on those things I find important (as well as talk about my books). You will find all manner of goodies and nuggets hiding here. Not that you are far more likely to find me on Discord or Twitch these days, where I have been making a name for myself as a digital artist, creating emotes and art that has been used by a number of content creators.

A fair amount of my content here consists of reblogs and links to cool things I’ve found, but I’ll always try to add my own blend of science-fiction, fantasy, horror or cynicism (sarcasm included free!) to anything I’ve found.

You can also find some short stories (I prefer longer form fiction though) and some other interesting posts, with more irregular features (such as Science in Science-Fiction and World-building) than you can shake a digital stick at. You’ll find navigation in the top-left, and some interesting stuff down the sides (or at the bottom in portrait mode or mobile).

At the moment I’m still adding pages and posts to the T13 RPG, but you can get an overview of the game as I’m posting and offer feedback in a D&D Next kind of way. Complex characterizations, easy playing rules and an emphasis on story-telling and roleplaying, and a unique card-based combat system, what roleplayer could want more?

My Monograph as a leaping cat


In the meantime enjoy the site.

Why not drop me a comment somewhere and say ‘Hi,’ and tell me what you think about the posts, the site, or my books, otherwise this is just me stood in a dark corner of the Internet yelling at the walls… (Let’s face it… that’s exactly what this is… I mean no one ever reads this far… I know… I can tell… because of how few comments there are).