Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at 13:45

I’m CJ Moseley and I write what I know.

Born in a liminal space between the Welsh Marches and the late Twentieth Century, I was raised in those mist-haunted wilds of Shropshire, where I was exposed to dark folklore, strange science-fiction, stranger science, non-classical mythology, role-playing games, magic and computers.CJ Moseley

Desperate to elude the post-industrial and agrarian malaise, I plotted a plan in the red-clay banks of a river that is also a goddess, in the shadows of the world’s first Iron-bridge, and then snapped into action. High-tailing it northward, on the daily stage-coach and a diesel-electric cattle train. I arrived in the post-industrial urban malaise of Liverpool.

It was like coming home, but with smaller rats.

Although I came to Liverpool to study physics, events conspired against me, and after: making life-long friends; engaging with the world-wide-web as it was being built; working hard for a year; being stabbed in the head a week before exams started; breaking my right elbow in the middle of the resits (and yeah I was right-handed); suffering a shamanistic crisis on the operating table and then learning to juggle as physical therapy — I dropped out of the degree, and while working as a Theatre Manager and Magician/Juggler, nearly joined the Jim Rose Circus.

Eventually, after a number of jobs including a flirtation with the Video Games industry, I returned to University and grabbed a post-graduate in Multimedia Design (yeah, without ever graduating), reconciling my artistic and scientific nature. I then worked for the Uni, even teaching on that course, before getting married. I worked as a Web Developer for a few years after that, first for the University and then Liverpool Football Club, before I became a dad.

It was while raising the kids that I realised I had to write.

I’m CJ Moseley and I write what I know.