A 2 star review

Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 18:12

Well,  it finally happened I got a bad review (on Amazon)… Or at least “An0ma1y” did.

An0ma1y cover

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An Amazon user called Meg gave it two stars and said that she found it interesting,  but frustrating, and won’t be finishing it…

I don’t know what she found interesting or frustrating though, as reviews go I find it about how she found my book.

What was frustrating, the characters? The situations? The complexity of the science and plot? Or the way I put words together? Sigh…

Well, I guess if Meg didn’t finish An0ma1y and it was free she won’t be buying Cu1ture B0mb or Chronoclysm…  And she probably won’t even give Ironmaster & Other Tales a look which is a lot simpler.

2 thoughts on “A 2 star review”

  1. MG Mason says:

    Hey, it’s me! Life has finally returned to something resembling normality and I am able to give the blogs I follow some deserved attention again.

    It’s a shame when somebody fails to explain why they do not like something. I’m not one to get annoyed at low ratings, but I do expect to understand what it was they did not like so I can note it for future work and avoid the same mistakes (f indeed they are mistakes and not merely a difference of opinion). Simply being “not my sort of thing” is not justification enough for me as a reader to rate something at 1 or 2 stars. If it’s not my sort of thing, I would judge it on its merits.

    Anyway, I did enjoy An0ma1y when I read it last year.

    1. CJ Moseley says:

      I know, I’d like to be able to avoid whatever it was that frustrated this reader, but without those details it’s impossible to do. I’ll just have to keep writing and hope something catches her again in the future.

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