Handicaps (Old)

Posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2016 at 19:06


A Handicap is one of the defining features of a Character’s Personality Annex. The Handicap is almost like an Umbral of the Personality Annex. The type of Handicap is defined by a Handicap Facet

Characters are limited in their number of Handicaps as follows:

Type of Character Starting Handicaps Experienced Handicaps Veteran Handicaps Max Number / Max Scale
Grunt 1 2 3 4
Goblin (Lesser Demon) 2 3 4 5
Mercari 3-4 5-6 7 8
Demon / Lesser Dæmon 4-5 6 7 8
Solo 6-8 7-11 12 13
Demonlord / Dæmon 7-8 8-11 12 13
Increated / Dæmon Prince 1-3 4-12 13 14

Each Handicap has a Boon (normally written as a xNN after the Handicap). The Boon Reduced gives the number of Bane Points that the Handicap has.

Normal Handicaps are limited to a maximum score of the Character’s Facet (for that Handicaps Facet) Boon or 26 whichever is lower. Dæmonic Handicaps are limited only by the Character’s Facet to a systemic maximum of Boon 40 and an even Refs can go no further than Boon 82 (after Boon 82 there are no more effects the Bane points may have).

Bane points are split between Permanent and Temporary Effects of the Handicap. Usually these effects affect only the Facet that the Handicap is based on (e.g. Scars affect the Nature Handicap), but a Referee can change this as they like, it is especially common with the effects of Dæmonic Handicaps to affect different Facets to the Handicap’s own.

Universal Effects

When an Arachnophobe sees a spider, their Fear “Arachnophobia” Handicap is said to be Invoked. The Character suffers immediate effects from the Handicap

  • The Character will gain Chi, Yarn or Twists from the Handicap
    Character Type Handicap Type Gain
    Grunt / Goblin Normal Handicap Boon Doubled Reduced Chi
    Grunt / Goblin Dæmonic 1 Twist
    Mercari / Demon Normal Handicap Boon Reduced Chi
    Mercari / Demon Dæmonic Handicap Boon Double Reduced Twists
    Solo / Increated Normal Handicap Boon Chi or Handicap Boon Reduced Yarn
    Solo / Increated Dæmonic Handicap Boon Reduced Twists

Permanent Banes.

These are permanent costs of the Handicap. Spending the Bane points of a Handicap on these has the following permanent effects on the Character.

BP Permanent Effect
1 Automatically fills one Proficiency slot with a Handicap related Proficiency
2 Attack type vulnerability. Handicap’s Facet’s Attacks are doubled.
3 Cannot access 1 Nimbed of this Facet (each Handicap must affect a different Nimbed)
4 Infectious. The Handicap will attempt to spread to others when Invoked.
5 Gain ½  Value from the Facet Umbrals.
6 Attack type vulnerability, cannot create or defend that Facet’s wound type
7 Loss of an Annex slot
8 Cannot access that Facet except as a Handicap

Infectious Handicaps

Infectious Handicaps try to spread to others. This occurs whenever the Handicap is invoked. The Handicap will act like a Psychology test trying to infect others by drawing a Mortal wound or higher. Normally only a single card is used (Facet test) but it is possible for a Handicap to stack with a Fear effect to cause Terror or even Horror under the right circumstances.

Temporary Banes

These Banes penalize dice and cards during play when the Handicap is invoked.

Bane Points Temporary Effect
1 All rolls take a penalty of the Handicap Boon.
2 -1 Proficiency Die when invoked
3 -1 Success Level per Handicap Boon Double Reduced
4 Handicap boon acts as an Umbral effect (Ref decides Umbral *).
5 Actions affect Character as though including Facet Nimbed (Ref decides**)
6 Max of 1 Proficiency Die and half score.
7 Cannot draw or play Wyrd Tarot/Yarn cards while invoked.
8 Cannot draw or play cards or roll dice while invoked.

*Suggested Umbrals can include:

  • Difficulty increases by Target’s Personality Boon Reduced or Awe Boon (Awe Umbral)
  • Additional RT creates GRT of Boon Double Reduced (Burden Umbral)
  • Wounds Handicap affects character with a wound of pips equal to Handicap boon reduced x2 (Trial Umbral).

**Suggested Nimbeds can include:

  • All incoming attacks affect Personality (Awe Nimbed)
  • Extra pips to heal wounds when invoked (Burden Nimbed)
  • Actions/Wounds affecting Character score +1 success level Handicap Boon Reduced times a day (Craft Nimbed)