Building Annexes

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 16:10

Annexes are important to T13 they are combinations of Proficiencies (and hence Facets) that build Skills, Talents, Powers, Superskills and Personalities.

Personality Annexes

For Characters the most important type of Annex is the Personality Annex. It consists of A Personality, A Core and between 1 and 13 Handicaps. To find out more about Personality Annexes read the Character Overview and Character Creation Method.

Proficient Annexes

These sorts of Annexes are created by the Characters often during play (when a Proficiency Crisis occurs) and are created by combining at least two Proficiencies together to create the Annex. Each Annex provides additional Proficiency slots to that Personality (normally the Annex Boon Double Reduced with a minimum of 2). Only Inspiration Incarna Descendants grant these Proficiencies to their owner, normally they are considered the Proficiencies required to use the Descendant.


A Skill is the simplest of Annexes, they are created by combining two Proficiencies together to create the Annex. Each Proficiency provides a Facet to the Annex. One Facet becomes the Root Facet of the Annex and the other becomes the Channelling Facet of the Annex, you can see a list of Root and Channelling Facets by Facet here.

Calculating Skill Value, Boon and Dice

By adding the Values of the Facet Boons you generate a Value for the Annex. This Annex Value can then be looked up to find a Boon, you should note the Boon and the Dice roll for that Boon as the Dice Roll of the Annex. The Reduced Boon should also be noted as this is the average of the Annexes Dice roll and is used to calculate the RT of the Annex.

Number of Skills

Generally a Character may have a number of Skill Annexes equal to their Highest Handicap Reduced for Descendants it is the creator’s Handicaps that control this number. However they are also restricted by the Total number of Annexes that are available to that Character (Personality Boon Reduced) or Descendant (Defining Talent/Power/Superskill reduced).


Talents are more powerful and complex than Skills. They are built by adding additional Proficiencies into a Skill, promoting it to a Talent. The new Proficiencies add a new Facet into the Annex, but in a new way. The first additional Facet is added as an Umbral Facet and adds the Facet Value to the Annex Value, but at a cost. The Talent now has an Umbral cost which restricts how it can be used in some way. You can add more Proficiencies to a Talent (up to the Number of Handicaps Reduced), the second Proficiency that is added can become another Umbral or can be a Nimbed. Nimbeds do not add to the Annexes Value, instead they add an additional ability to the Talent, you can see a complete list of all the Umbrals and Nimbeds here.

Calculating Talent Value, Boon and Dice

Simply add the Values of the Root Facet, Channelling Facet and all Umbral Facets, and look up the Value here.

Number Of Umbrals and Nimbeds

A Talent may have as many additional Umbrals and Nimbeds as the Character’s or Creator’s Number of Handicaps Reduced. It may also have no more than two Nimbeds for each Umbral (one Umbral is required before any Nimbeds may be added).

Number of Talents

A Character or Descendant may only have as many Talents as their current number of Skills (so 2 Skills are required before you can have 2 Talents) and the total Annex limit also applies.


Powers are essentially a Talent with more Umbrals and Nimbeds. Powers may have no more Umbrals and Nimbeds than the Character’s (or Creator’s) number of Handicaps.

Calculating Power Value, Boon, Dice

A Power has a Value equal to the Root Facet Value + Channelling Facet Value + all Umbral Facet Values

Number of Umbrals and Nimbeds

A Power may have a number of Umbrals and Nimbeds equal to the total number of Handicaps that the Character or Descendant has.

Number of Powers

A Character or Descendant may have as many Powers as their number of Talents Reduced (so 2 Talents must be defined before you can have a Power normally) the normal limit on total Annexes still applies though so to get 2 Powers would require 5 Talents an Skills and require a Personality Boon of at least 59.


A Superskill is a special Annex type only open to Solo’s and Artefacts. A Character can have only one Superskill and any other Annex can be promoted to being a Superskill. A Superskill automatically gains access to all the Nimbeds of both its Root and Channelling Facets, in addition to any other Nimbeds it may already have had.

Calculating Value Boon and Dice

Superskills add the Boons of their Root and Channelling Facets together to find a Boon and Value, any Umbrals add to the Value and may increase the Boon as normal. E.g. Two Boon 13 Facets added together normally would equal a value of 132 and Boon 21, in a Superskill they add directly to Boon 26.

Number of Superskills

A Character may have 1 Superskill that is available to all Personalities. Artefacts may have and grant additional Superskills.