Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 14:42

In T13 Scale is used rather like Levels are used in d20 games.

A Character’s Scale adds to the Boon of each of their Facets (so a Character who starts out with all 13s in their Facets) and then rises to Scale 2 will actually have 15s in all Facets.

Negative Scale

Young Characters have not yet reached their full potential and may have Negative Scale based on their age. A negative Scale also affects the Boons of the Character’s Facets and while the Character has a negative Scale they should note ticks on their Facets as they act which modify the Facet Boons (see Character Creation Method).

Scale Restrictions

A Character cannot buy a Scale higher than their number of Handicaps, so buying Scale 2 requires that you have at least 2 Handicaps (note that Handicaps do come and go so make sure you have enough to purchase – also note that as Personalities are integrated into Characters Handicaps may become replaced with additional Personalities and Cores – these hidden Handicaps still count for the purposes of buying Scale).
Because the system has a hard limit on the number of possible Handicaps that any Character may have this also restricts the Character types in Scale that they may attain.

Type of Character Max Scale
Grunt 4
Goblin 5
Mercari 8
Demon / Lesser Dæmon 8
Solo 13
Greater Demon / Dæmon 13
Increated / Dæmon Prince 14

Losing Scale

Characters do not lose Scale by losing Handicaps ever, but may lose Scale directly (see Soul-Stealing). When Scale is lost in this way all Facets should be reduced in Value appropriately and all Annexes should be recalculated.

Improving Scale

Improving Scale should technically cost the Character their Maximum Stored Yin and Yang and when Scale is consumed by use of Twists the Demon or Increated gains that Character’s Maximum Stored Yin and Yang. However, the normal cost to purchase a level of scale is the Characters Half-Max Chi (see Sway for Max-Chi storage).

Targeting Scale with Yarn/Twists

When attempting to affect Scale with Yarn the cost is normally considered to be the Current Scale so that it will cost +2 Yarn to affect Scale 2 (don’t forget you still need to pay the cost of affecting the actual target so targeting a Scale 3 Grunt would have a total Yarn cost of (3+3=) 6 Yarn. You can see the listed Scales on the Sway table, but its pretty easy to remember.