Cyberpixies Released!

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 2017 at 13:15
The Cyberpixies e-book cover

The Cyberpixies e-book cover

Well, it’s finally finished and ready to release. Cyberpixies is now available both in Lulu paperback and ePub download. Extra distribution will slowly occur to other platforms (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc). I have no control over how fast this will happen but I’ll update the purchase links as they appear, (and will probably post again when they are all available).

That’s the second book I’ve released this month (I don’t think it’ll become a habit – it was more by accident than design and I have nothing that’s in 2nd draft waiting, only a few notes on what to do next).

Right, well with that done I need to start promoting these books and I’ll probably start by making a book trailer, which I also need to do for the With Strange Aeons series. I guess the next week or two will be making videos and starting work on the next books (Hunger in the Sky, and HyperTroll).

So please share the link to my book page and if you have already read the book, now is the time to write a review on Lulu or Goodreads.

Or if you’ve read one of my older books, please write a review on that, the visibility and feedback are the best things for an Indie author like myself. I don’t even care if you didn’t love the book, just tell me what you thought 🙂