Totally Random Update

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2016 at 17:47

Hey lone reader, how are things?

Sorry it has been a while since I wrote an update here, but I’ve been hella busy.

Firstly, I have been hard at work on the 1st draft of “Cyberpixies” and am now waiting on some feedback from my Alpha readers, before 2nd draft.

I’m postponing the “With Strange Aeons” cycle as the early readers thought the 1st book was too Cthulhu and not enough Thriller, so Wrath is being moved to book 2 in the series, and I’m writing a less Horror based introductory Thriller called “The 1st Seal” which has taken a lot of planning, but is ready to start soon.

The Adation Files world-building is still going strong, with the monthly T13 game developing a lot of useful background and backstory for the series.

Speaking of T13, I’ve made some changes to the mechanics for Handicaps, which should streamline play a lot.

I’ve been working on ‘Popcorn Paradoxes’ over at the which are fun Watsonian-in-universe-sciencey posts about time-travel movies. The 1st was on Superman 1978. Next up are the Back To The Future movies. You should check them out.

Real Life Too

The last few weeks have seen my eldest son, finish up his primary school, and due to his Asperger’s we have had to spend a lot of time adjusting his life for this change. But right now he says he is looking forward to big school, so fingers crossed for September.

Meanwhile the youngest Moseley boy has just passed his Grade 1 Electric guitar exam with a Merit. So hurray him.

Pokemon go screenshot

I’ve never had kids so eager to go for a walk before, or had a phone battery run down so fast…

As if all that were not enough, my boys have both got into the Pokémon Go phenomenon, which means lots of walks out and about when I should be writing this Summer, hopefully that too will settle down come September and I’ll be able to get back to writing.

Until then, buy my books if you haven’t or drop me a line to talk about anything you’ve seen on the site. I’ll keep posting the reblogs all Summer long (I hope).