The Wrath of Atlantis Released

Posted on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 17:04
Wrath of Atlantis Ebook cover

Wrath of Atlantis Ebook cover

I just released “The Wrath Of Atlantis” this afternoon.

That means the book is currently available in paperback and ebook from Lulu. Other vendors and so on will follow over the next few weeks.

Here’s the Blurb:

Professor Andrew Kemp hasn’t been having the best year, since he stumbled on a secret Cabal of industrialists, work had been fraught, his relationships ruined, even his best friend has abandoned him, but at least now it is finally over. Or so he’d hoped.

It seems coincidence and the machinations of the surviving members of the Windermere Group, the Police, and his own friends will draw him once again into an adventure that will leave him questioning everything.

Designer drug, dark cults, and forgotten prehistory are going to make life very interesting for Andy and his friends.

The first Seal e-Book Cover

The First Seal E-book cover

To celebrate the release of With Strange Aeons 2: The Wrath of Atlantis, I have reduced the price of With Strange Aeons 1: The First Seal (although the price drop will take a little while to propagate across the various stores).

Blending post-modern thriller with creeping cosmic horror that grows in scope and terror with each book this series is one to watch. If you haven’t brought The First Seal before now… Why not?!?! And now’s your chance.

I have at least another three of these books in the pipeline (I’m starting work on the 1st draft for the next one in a few days)… Before that I will be polishing and releasing “Cyberpixies” which may get renamed “Max Carter and The Cyberpixies” before I’m done. I’ll also be starting work on “HyperTroll” soon too.

Next, I think I need to make some book trailers for these new releases (I haven’t made one since “Ironmaster & Other Tales” and that was at least two years ago. Hmmm, I’d better get to work…


Well 7 Weeks remain until the final deadline, when hopefully, it will be available everywhere. I’ll try to keep an eye on when it becomes available in different markets and update the buy buttons on the page.


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