Ironmaster RPG session 21/9/13

Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 at 21:31

Another Ironmaster session last Friday.
This week was mostly a downtime session as over ten years of character and world history shuffled itself past.

This means that the Character’s are now living in 1970 (in an alternate history), two characters have discovered they are Fæ-blooded Mages, one (Jack) a Trodder, the other (Annie) a Doomweaver, the other two are technologists, one (Mercurio) working on Technological solutions to problems easily solved with Magic, the other (Stephen / Steve) has trained with James Thomas, a welsh Blacksmith who also works as an alchemist for Darby Metal Industries.

Neither of the Mages has yet been “officially” trained or tested (even unofficially), but they have discovered that their family seat and titles were stolen by another noble, and their mother gave her life getting them out of the family manor.

The older Mage has made a bit of a name for himself in the criminal underworld, mostly simply for being known. His younger sister has become a solicitor, and has made the step to the bar—she’s been Doomweaving her way quietly toward being made a Judge and getting officially handed some magic, without laying claim to her family titles (and the potential trouble that may disturb).

Stephen Smith has a bit of a natural gift for metal working (who’d have thought it with a name like that!) and after working for Darby Metal Industries for a few years building Moon Clippers for the proposed Luna Colony has quit that job and is now an engineer working for the Tesla corporation designing and overseeing their new Electrical Spaceships. He has even been out to the under construction Luna base.

The increasingly mad genius character of Mercurio has a little sideline for himself growing Mechanimals, and spends the rest of his time doing technology and scientific research for a mad Cambridge Professor (who used to work at Oxford but recently moved because Cambridge is where they are working on electronics and even transistors) who for legal reasons must remain nameless.

In short each of them has brought a whole load of descendants and have now all become Mercari (although they are all at different Scales).

Next time I unleash some Plot Dæmons and really get the ball rolling on their adult lives…

Cue dramatic mood music and “Muwahahaha!”.