Ironmaster RPG session 27/06/14

Posted on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 at 20:26

Interesting game session that jumped about in time a bit as we dealt with closing a number of plots to do with setting up the Free Neptunian Colonies.


Firstly they found an ancient Atlantean Colony on Triton, including evidence that the people of Atlantis captured Triton, placed it in a perfect retrograde orbit around Neptune. They used ancient magick and higher order Alchemy to retune Triton. The tuning though has slipped in the time that has passed, so Triton’s environment has failed (plus the last records of the colony talk about how the people began to doubt that their magickal sun could last forever- and since their pre-færy magick was based on the belief of the masses, eventually that is exactly what happened).

The small colony on Triton expanded into the other moons, for mining resources and also to allow the colonists to use Trodguns to whisk the Cometkin from of Triton to spread on the other moons.

Then using the ancient knowledge and their modern mechanical Alchemy (including several Donderkannone) they fix the problems with Triton’s harmonics and placed a Fusion plant artificial sun in orbit.

This effectively terraforms Triton (although Tritonean tuning is mutually exclusive with that of Earth – so people on Triton must be retuned to allow them to eat Tritonean food and water individually).
The new sun disturbs something on Neptune though and soon waves of Sky-kraken began to attack ships and the colonies. The colonists fought back, and the Neptunian ships are able to defend themselves, so the Sky-kraken move in toward the sun. First they attack shipping lines around Uranus and Saturn, then Jovian shipping before shipping is attacked on Earth.

Meanwhile Joffrey Oberwulf has completed his training with Steven and Mercurio and goes off to form his punk – metal band. Annie manipulating the tapestry to create an opportunity for his band, and the Donderkannone, to appear in front of a member of the Cognoscenti who is involved in the record industry. As they want a man on the inside of the Cognoscenti, and figure a close spy is a good start. They figure eventually Joffrey will be recruited into the Cognoscenti (though he had no magic or Infernal leanings). In fact, Joffrey will be capable of extracting quite a lot of information about the Cognoscenti, as by the end of the session the Ironmaster was revealed.