The Wrath of Atlantis Progress Update

Posted on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 16:07

I just made progress on The Wrath of Atlantis! So far I’m 73% complete on the Editing phase. 4 Weeks remain until the deadline (I’m really hoping to get this book out before the school holidays, so I can concentrate on rewrites to “Cyberpixies” and start drafting With Strange Aeons Book 3: “The Hunger in the Sky”.

I guess I’ll have to get a cover design finalised too! So much to do, but right now I’venot been getting good quality sleep. Why you might ask, and if you did, I’ll have to assume you’re an American (or maybe Antipodean).
Americans won’t understand our heat distress and sleepless nights, unless I point out that firstly our 30 degrees Centigrade is 86 degrees Farenheit, and that air-conditioning isn’t a thing in British homes. We’re much more likely to need heating than cooling down so it just isn’t sold here.
Combine the heat with nights that don’t really bother getting dark at this time of year (the twilight just shuffles across the northern horizon because Britain is as far north as Alaska’s Aleutian Islands) as well as worry about the political dystopia our democratic system/electorate has left us with, the safety of our people from right-wing extremists (regardless of what they put in the religion box of a census), as well as criminally dangerous building companies and you might understand why we’ve not been getting much sleep in the UK.

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