The Wrath of Atlantis Progress Update

Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2017 at 23:00

I’ve been hard at work on the First Seal sequel The Wrath of Atlantis! So far I’m 60% complete on the Editing phase. 26 Days remain until the arbitary deadline.
It is a direct sequel, but I’m afraid doesn’t have all the characters from the first book back, nor are there any Selkies in this one (or Deep Ones yet).

The Deep One

The ‘Deep One’ image from the cover of The First Seal (Sir Not-appearing-in-this-book)

But it does have: Professor Andy Kemp, Billionaire Boffin Bastian Kane, and Vanessa Price. But Paul, Jules, Calvin and Maura are taking at least this book off. Instead we have a new character Detective Inspector Eoin Morgan who is on the trail of the mysterious Donald Grey.

Not long to wait now, I guess. I’ll have to start working on cover images and things soon (and then push a promotion on The First Seal with a new pair of book trailers and maybe a price drop).

Watch this space.

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