AmEditing The First Seal

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 14:32

I’m working on an edit of my Cthriller “The First Seal“, which was going quite well, until I noticed that my Blog had posted a syndicated post, but hadn’t posted anything to social media that I could find. Nothing stops my creative flow faster than having a problem to solve, it seems.

Something had gone very wrong it seems. I’m currently putting the edit on hold to investigate the site and see what went wrong.

until I have it working properly again (and as a sort of a test):

I just need how to debug third [arty plugins and social media platforms for dummies…

Hmmm… well the live posts seems just fine. It’s the syndication again…
Nope reinstalled Jetpack and reconnected it to all my social media and it seems to be working properly now (it’s even posting to Google + again!)