The Wrath of Atlantis Update 5/6/17

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 17:11

So I’ve finished the rewrites and edits on The Wrath Of Atlantis on time and can now push for making a cover and then release. The story doesn’t completely follow on from The First Seal, but moves some of the characters on. I won’t use every character in every story as I want to add a decent pile of different people before they start dying off… And they will start dying off.

I think tomorrow I’ll be taking a walk into Liverpool to catch some nice angles of the docks, waterfront and the river for the cover image. It’s a long riverside so who knows where the best angle will be… I might have to do quite a bit of walking around.

Well, with Wrath now finished I will be moving on to a spit and polish on Cyberpixies which has been backburnered for a while and needs to get released soon. There has been a few rewrites and edits that I need to make (and some talk of illustrations, that I’m not sure about). Then I need to decide if it should have a Kindle exclusive release in ebook (to be honest I’m not seeing a lot of sales off Kindle, so there’s a good argument for Amazon exclusivity).

Then what?
Well, I’ve got to get started on the next round of sequels I guess.
I have a rough plan for Hypertroll that will firm up as I’m working on Cyberpixies and the next With Strange Aeons Novel will be The Hunger In The Sky, which will feature Wendigo, Ithaqua, Tindalosians, Air Force One, and the return of the Selkies from The First Seal along with some actual Deep Ones. I’m hope to have a clear plot sketch (which is what I write before the 1st draft) before the Summer is over. I have been thinking that I need to accelerate my output significantly as it is taking about a year for me to knock out even a simple pot-boiler with these ones. It really should take about a quarter of that time.

Anyway, that’s the update