Cu1ture B0mb artwork

Posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 16:43
A second development sketch of the Cu1ture B0mb cover art.

Iterative design update #2 note this image is lacking the eventual image of Desi.

So I’ve been working up on my GIMP 2.8 skills and reworking my idea into something less cheesy and a little more action packed. Trying to capture the essence of the scene in the book where Desi meets a Dragon, and something hypergeometric erupts from within a completed Stonehenge.

It definitely shows that the GIMP has almost all the power of the infinitely more expensive Photoshop (You can check my math on that GIMP 2.8 costs £0 and Photoshop CS6 costs over £600). But there are issues to be sure. The Gimp interface is weird. Sometimes you can click Icons just fine, but other times you seem to become locked using a specific tool unless you engage a keyboard shortcut to change tool. Odd, annoying, but not an impassable problem faced with the costs of Photoshop (To purchase Photoshop I would have to sell over 300 books. That’s a lot of Cultish, British, Indie Science Fiction any way you cut it.)