The Hunger In The Sky Progress Update 7/9/17

Posted on Thursday, September 7th, 2017 at 13:30

I just made progress on the 3rd With Strange Aeons novel,  The Hunger In The Sky!

So far I’m 7.1% complete on the First Draft phase (which is 3 Chapters out of the 42 I think I’ll be needing [although I have dropped Chapters in the past, and once added a new one so that may change]).

Following on from both The Wrath of Atlantis and The First Seal, Hunger is a bit of a departure for the series in some ways.

Firstly, it is going to focus on Agent V and one of her missions for the mysterious Agency, with few of the other characters appearing (except for a couple of flashbacks and a scene or two). Vanessa will be the main P.O.V character (although written in the same 3rd person style I’ve used for the other two), with no cutaways to the other characters (for reasons that will become obvious to the readers early on).

Ithaqua, the Windwalker...

Old Blue eyes…
Great Old Blue eyes

Secondly, it will be the first of the books to reference the Great Old Ones directly (mentions in Wrath and one cameoed already [did you spot it?]) and there will be at least one actually appearing, the titular Hunger… or to use some of its other names… The Thing That Walked On The Wind, the Death-walker, Lord Black Wind, The Snow-Thing, God of the Angry Storm, The Wendigo… Ithaqua The Windwalker. Although, it won’t be there long, or be seen too clearly. We wouldn’t want anyone to lose their minds, yet.

Thirdly, this story, while still using a lot of Thriller tropes and pacing, is also approaching real Cosmic Horror tale status, so it will blend science-fiction and horror tropes into the story, in what I hope will still be a believable way.

11 Weeks remain until the deadline according to my progress tracker, but that deadline is pretty arbitrary. Although, I’d like to release around Christmas, if possible, so I’ll see how much I can do.

I’m planning to bash out a 1st draft of this, and HyperTroll at the same time (working on HyperTroll in the day and Hunger at night, but we’ll have to see how that goes, as I have yet to settle the plan for HyperTroll and the Max Carter books are a more complex write, with the metaphors and what not). Where as these books are, by comparison, simple.

I also want to work on the cover designs ahead of time and get some awareness of the series happening online. So I’ll be hopefully putting together a book trailer video for the series as well.

Call for reviews

Please, if you’ve read the first two “With Strange Aeons” books, go and write a review where you brought it – or on GoodReads, which you can access through your Facebook account (and find the pages my book pages). Maybe share your review on Social Media too, it would really help with the books visibility in the market place.

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