Modifications to T13

Posted on Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 20:54

I’ve been adding some tweaks to the text of the T13 system today.

I’ve altered the way Archetype NPCs are defined to bring them more into line with the way Plot Dæmons work, and have made some adjustments to the way some Umbrals and Nimbeds were phrased (including a tweak to multiple targets in Card Ordeals).

I really need to rework the entire Yarn Cards system to bring it more in line with the way Plot Dæmons actually work now (what I have is a hold over from the 2010 version of the system – and really needs adjusting for the Three Act structure and the Conflicts System), so I might get on with that next.

I am meant to be writing some more of Ironmaster, but the world-building game has highlighted a few snags in T13 that needed addressing, normal service will resume shortly.