Still Ill.

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 11:54

I can’t believe I’m still struggling with illness this year. I’ve had to do a complete course of antibiotics to deal with Tonsillitis and no sooner had that cleared up than I came down with a Rhinovirus.

An Abehini halfway through a door

One of the static images from my book promo


I’ve only really managed to get on-line via my phone and twitter, and I have managed no writing or updates to this website. I haven’t even managed to get any real work done on my book trailer video.


A view along the street Desi lived on at the start of An0ma1y, that appears in the book trailer video

About the only things I have to report is that my Mosaic Novel planning is fairly well underway, and I have finally been paid something for my writing. That’s right I’m a Professional writer who Amazon have paid (a little – I’m still going to need a few more sales before I can start looking at the professional editing services that exist out there – although if there is anyone reading here who wants to offer me cheaper editing services, please feel free to contact me, maybe we can come to a % deal?)


Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and be able to get on with updating the website and creating whole new worlds of adventurous fun for you to all enjoy. Until then though…