General Update…

Posted on Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 15:59

Since getting back from Holiday I’ve had some confused luck that has hampered my wiring a little.  I’m meant to be hard at work finishing the 1st draft of ‘Ironmaster’, but yet again I have been brought low by a new cold-like plague,  engineered in the governmental bio-weapon facility known as a primary school.

But that’s the bad luck,  on a brighter note I have finally been able to afford a new phone.  Replacing my decrepit iPhone 3GS with a shiny Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (3GS-> SEND you see how that works), and have picked up a few other little toys that should help me generate content.

But this has meant learning the new phone, to say nothing of the setting up of at least seven e-mail addresses,  and innumerable website passwords and logins that had to be transferred or updated.
Which has got in the way of writing,  more than a little. Which brings me to the worst thing that has been stealing,  not just my own time, but that of every member of the household: Minecraft.


There was a time when I couldn't have named every block in this screen shot

My boys became obsessed with Minecraft, the bio-weapon plant mentioned before began rewarding good behaviour in school with time playing the pocket edition.
Soon me and the Mrs began to hear strange things being said by the two smaller Moseleys, words like “Creeper”, “Redstone”, “Endermen” and “Netherwrack”.

Good behaviour at home meant that we thought nothing of letting them download the game for the PS3… It meant that we could watch and get a handle on the game.  Hindsight suggests this may have been a mistake…

Minecraft had been described as a fun little building game,  you mine some stuff and then build some stuff,  don’t be drawn in, it is like the Crack cocaine version of the Sim games.
We have lost entire evenings to building houses,  dungeons, themeparks, in creative mode, and who knows how many hours of daylight we have all spent digging,  fishing, hunting and constructing in Survival mode.
In short, it is an amazingly deep and fun game. Which I hesitate to recommend for much the same reason as, having broken my elbow, I was given vast doses of Diamorphine, but would not recommend anyone take it, despite how lovely it felt, because it is more commonly known as Heroin.


We downloaded our demise, but it comes on disc too!

Hopefully we’ll all be able to get the Minecraft addictions under control and I’ll soon get back into the swing of writing again.  Although, I’m still unhappy with my planned ending of the book and am hoping the world building sessions may provide a solution,  in the form of a dramatic twist that won’t require I rewrite everything that I’ve written so far, to include hints toward the ending that is coming. Hmm… Maybe I’ll just investigate what I can do with sticky pistons and powered rails, for a bit…

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