Minor changes to T13

Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 at 16:24

I’ve been working hard on plans for my next novel (in fact two different series that I am planning out, that are unrelated: one an enormous world-building YA Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Horror novel series that my RPG buddies are helping build; and the other a Thriller with touches of Cosmic Horror, that I’m probably going to fast track through 1st draft next) and artwork for Ironmaster while I’m waiting for my Beta readers to finish and get back to me.

Christmas is also coming and I’ve been doing shopping out in the cold, rain, sleet and hail we have been having. Typically enough this means that I’ve also succumbed to a terrible head cold as well…

The Terminal Thirteen Logo

Terminal Thirteen (T13) my free table-top roleplaying game.

While doing that planning, I cast an eye over the T13 RPG and noticed some parts that were badly balanced (or were overly complex) or just needed a little spicing up.  So I made some adjustments to the game,  for the most part tiny adjustments to character Personalities and Handicaps, as well as a fairly hefty set of changes to Plot Daemons and Yarn cards.

The way plots work have been simplified and streamlined to let Refs create plots with less reference to the characters they are involving in the plot. This has had some knock-on effects on the way the game runs for PCs (especially Solos), but in general for most players the changes are superficial and balance the different Personalities off a little better.

Enjoy! And use comments to let me know what you think of the changes.

I really must get around to building a Character,  Descendant,  and plot generator sometime… Only so many hours in the day when I do everything myself.