Half-term blues

Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 15:45

It’s half-term so the kids are off school and getting in my way, stopping me from getting any writing done and asking to be fed every six minutes (I timed them!). Matters regarding the food are complicated by one being on an anti-biotic course at the moment (with a do not eat two hours before taking and one hour after— who prescribes this for a 5 yr old?!)

Meanwhile in the dark corners of my mind ‘Iron Master’ percolates. My T13 gaming group are currently helping me explore the world the novel is set in, which means that I have all manner of extras and tidbits that are combining to create a complex, realistic (once you ignore the magic) background for a fairly complex mosaic novel. In terms of intricate plot threads it isn’t the Paradox War (with its self-fulfilling prophecies and temporal loops), but its pretty rich for a retro-futurist shindig.

My gamers recently met one of the characters of Iron-Master (Detective Inspector Hoxton), although twenty years younger and with a different sidekick because of it, but it has helped me home in on the character’s personality. I might even use the events of that session as one of the stories in the novel as it revealed information that would be very useful to the Iron-Master himself.

Fortunately I have already written my next Science in Science-Fiction post, its about space ships, this part is specifically on launch systems. Should be here on the 1st of June…