New Look Site

Posted on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 at 09:42

Well I finally got bored fiddling behind the scenes. And while some parts are still being worked on back here, I decided to release the new site look and feel upon you the unsuspecting public.
The new site theme should work well on all browsers, but if you are having problems with animations, try refreshing the page as this will often load a variant animation. I’ve also added a cut down mobile theme, incase you can’t access the site.

In other news I have a short story underway (inspired by recent science news stories) which I will be making available on Amazon within a few months for a few cents. Hopefully I’ll be producing a few more shorts along the way as well as starting the writing on ‘Iron Master’ very soon (I’m still planning it at the moment – it’s a big project and I had little world-building done on this one).

Enjoy the new look site.
NB: I did briefly consider adding some google ads to this website, but google have shafted themselves by telling me that I can’t have links to copyrighted material (you know the model their ENTIRE site is based around) which means I’d have to remove all the Reblogs from Tumblr and other wordpress sites (yeah, they are that strict- despite the fact that these are ‘reblogs’ and obviously link to the original content), or links to the sale of copyrighted materials. Since the only sales links on this site are to my copyrighted materials, I’m unsure who they are trying to placate. Basically Google Ads, you can’t have them unless you make sure every scrap of data on your site is entirely original and you don’t reference Amazon as well, since that’s how I sell my stuff, bye Google ads before we even started.