Changed Theme again

Posted on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 00:23

I know, I know…

this theme

How the theme looks

But the new theme is more carefully balanced for the dizzying world of HTML5 and CSS3. Some things have been tied up, the animated CSS and SVG backdrops are gone (although I might throw some of them back in as “images” on some of the pages… I’ll see where they can go) and in general its all a little lighter and faster to load.

mobile theme?

And this is how it looks on my old IPhone 3GS…

The theme should be fully compatible with most mobiles/tablets and browsers, but please use the mobile version if you are having problems (Although T13 is not available in mobile version… yet – so if you are roleplaying then you will need to click that view full site link).

I’ve removed the tab navigation which was causing a huge problem to Firefox users and have removed the change from portrait to landscape modes (which was more hassle than it was worth).