So long .com

Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at 19:58

Well the old site is now officially gone. The automatic renewal was about to charge me a ridiculous amount to keep using it, and the web space was useless to me as I have much better support and hardware available to the site, for a lot less money.

this theme

The .com domain is no more

Also, since I was mainly receiving bounced back spam from someone pretending to be various people at this should muck them about a bit, but really the renewal being up was the main thing.

It’s a shame it’s gone (and no doubt many web links still point back to it out in the wild web) but I need to move on with the new site (although who knows I might snag the .com back in the future). So if you have any links to the old site, please change that .com to — Now I need to go find any I’ve left out there…