A certain cache

Posted on Monday, August 19th, 2013 at 14:49

Hello there.

I’ve been hard at work recently trying to improve the performance of my site. To this end I have activated the Cloudflare.com site cache as well as some internal caching (database look ups and the like), page caching for HTML and more control for Browser Caching. All of which should make the site seem faster and more responsive.

There are still some problems (and caching everything will mean that the random backgrounds may “stick” on a version you don’t like, but they are small prices to pay for enhanced speed) my hosting while cheap, unlimited in size and bandwidth and green is slow with the Servers often taking up to half a second to begin responding. I’m hoping the Cloudflare caching will improve that with time, but we’ll see.

If you are having problems with the site (usually most of the complaints come from Firefox users — who never seem to understand that Firefox is riddled with bugs that stop HTML 5 from working properly, try Opera [much faster] or A webkit browser like Safari/Chrome or even IE (well maybe not, although this site works fine on it) — like the tabs here that have to be clicked before Firefox pays attention to the “#col” part of the URL), just click the link on the top of the right column, and contact me if it’s still misbehaving, and I’ll fix what I can. Conversely if you love what I’ve done with the place, let me know that too – it doesn’t all have to be negativity and complaints.

Right then, I’ll get back to child herding and thinking about Ironmaster (I’ve already abandoned some of my first draft ideas for new better ones – Is it still regicide when its a Queen or Reginacide?)- can’t wait till the kids get back to school so I can start writing it (and publish some short stories I have been working on — speaking of which I’ll probably slip those shorts on here around then too)…


Here’s a little clue about Ironmaster

Until then…