A new paperback and a new store…

Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 at 20:48

I finally got around to building ‘Cu1ture B0mb‘ for paperback, and after finally getting it ready for publishing I noticed that Lulu now have a new Author specific page… Here’s mine.

Look you can go there and buy my paperbacks! I have a 20% discount on ‘An0ma1y‘ at the moment… but I’m not sure how long they let me run that sort of discount.

I have another world-building post planned soon, and I am going to start work on a ‘Chronoclysm‘ Paperback next week. After that I’ve some short stories that I have been planning on sticking on Kindle, and I might make a Complete Paradox War book as well… Since I’m having such a lot of fun with uploading things to Lulu at the minute.

Also Friday marks the start of a new T13 game, this time set in our world (at least until the alien invasion starts) which will be another world-building game, for my next book series.