Paradox War Paperbacks Widely available

Posted on Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 00:21

My little cyberpixies who scour the world-wide Web for interesting things have discovered that you can now buy the Paradox War books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

That should (at least so I’m lead to believe) also mean that you can request a copy of any of the books from your local library,  which sounds brilliant. Just tell the librarian you want to read (for example) The Paradox War Omnibus ISBN: 9781326039431 and they will get you a copy as soon as they can. You can read the whole trilogy for free that way!  And that’s the reason I write books,  so that people can read them.


the Omnibus cover on Barnes & Noble

I guess I’d better make sure to add the other books to Goodreads soon, so people can find them to add them to their to read lists, unless that will follow automatically now they are listed.

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