Another Effin Office Bug

Posted on Friday, March 22nd, 2013 at 21:09

Why on Microsoft Office can you not

  • Automatically Copy Margin and Page settings from one document to another
  • Reset a document back to Normal.doc
  • Ever have the Page or Margin settings in different Windows open at the same time

It’s so frustrating. I’ve got 3 books ready to transfer over to Lulu and publish in actual paperback (or maybe hardback format) with all the extra e-book formats going and all I need to do is use the Lulu template…

Only you can’t transfer the settings from one document to another… Why? Its just data – my data – why can’t I manipulate my data my way Microsoft?

Even if I accept that there may be a problem with automatic transfer of that kind of thing (someone somewhere would manage to mess up their document and destroy any chance of retrieving it somehow – you can’t make software damn fool proof), why do they insist that you must close the page and margin settings before you click on another Word Window? It’s just deliberately obtuse. There is no reason for it…

Oh sure I can invent reasons, that probably sound brilliant to the sort of committee that decides functionality in Redmond, after all the User might forget to come back to that window and try to shutdown with the window open – only you can’t actually get a Windows machine to shutdown any more without clicking the Yes I’m sure and Force shutdown buttons at least once. So why is this?

All I want is to be able to hold the settings for one Word documents Margins open while I copy the data to the other window. I shouldn’t have to resort to “Prt Scrn” and pasting in Photoshop or Paint or having to copy it into Notepad and then into the window after I’ve closed the dialogue. Bad UI Microsoft – how long have you been at this – and you still manage to annoy with what should have been a simple task, I mean its not like this is a cheap bit of shareware I downloaded, Word is one of the more expensive word – processors (at least with the whole Office monstrosity it is – I have never installed LookOut, PowerPointless, and you don’t give us Access in the normal Office setup anymore so Office for me consists of Word and Excel [which doesn’t]). Please for Ebook authors everywhere sort this out, Make it easy to transfer our documents to different templates.