thisistheverge: Dark and violent: ‘SXPD’ is a comic book you…

Posted on Sunday, May 25th, 2014 at 13:30


Dark and violent: ‘SXPD’ is a comic book you can play
SXPD is a violent, post-apocalyptic comic book that includes many of the conveniences digital readers have become accustomed to. Not only does the art really pop on an iPad’s Retina display, but you can smoothly swipe from one scene to the next, while music and sound effects accompany the static on-screen action. But at certain points, the tale about a futuristic, all-female police force shifts from being something you read to something you play. SXPD is an almost seamless blend of comic book and video game, and thanks to director David Perry — best known as creator of the Earthworm Jim series — it’s an excellent one.

Hmm I may have to check this out… Looks awesome and sounds interesting.