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Posted on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 02:10
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For my 1, count ‘them’ 1, Goodreads fan (hopefully there will be more with time) and as a part of my site’s update and integration I’m now mirroring this blog (and my Tumblr) to my Goodreads blog. So you can follow me there instead.

I’ve also updated my books on Goodreads and will be adding the epub versions of the books for sale there sometime soon, although I might need a little reminder in a few weeks time.

In other news the site redesign is going well, I have a new HTML5 theme with animations and grooviness and will be letting you look at it soon – register and I’ll let you have a little preview while logged in, but first I need to do some organizing behind the scenes as well as some work on book promotional material…

Stay tuned and enjoy!