Scrivener and Why I don’t

Posted on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 21:01

So, I took a look at Scrivener, it’s a program designed to let writers work in a more non-linear way. Scrivener is available from Literature and Latte and you can get a free trial for yourself there on Mac or PC.
It is well written and a good concept in general, but I won’t be buying it.

“Why?” you may ask, and I’ll tell you, as it will kill a few minutes.

Basically the app lets you build your text in small discrete pieces, which is great, it means you can jump to any part of the text and modify it, simply and easily. Unlike most Word Processors that are designed around starting at the beginning and working to the end. You can view these ‘Scrivenings’ as separate files, as synopses on a cork board or merged into a single text. Which is Innovative and I’m sure very helpful to some folks. But not for me.

For some reason my dyslexic brain can make no progress with the system. I just can’t see how it can help me, if I start trying to use it to manage my thoughts my brain melts, it’s like the way I end up stuck when trying to work with pen and paper. For some reason while I can make notes and draw mind-maps with a pen and paper if I try to write like that my mind goes blank. And that’s exactly what scrivener does to my brain. It’s too much like working with old fashioned pen and paper for me…

2 thoughts on “Scrivener and Why I don’t”

  1. Mr. Mosely. — I think maybe you’re missing part of the point of Scrivener. While it allows you to hop around in your writing, it also allows you to establish an outline, AND it also allows you to start at the beginning, and then write to the end… and end up with a first draft that is now easier to edit. In addition, it’s easier to spot inconsistencies and plot holes.
    One of my favorite parts of Scrivener is that the program is so flexible in allowing you to use it in the manner that works best, with how you work.

    1. CJ Moseley says:

      That may be the intent, but that is not my experience. It does not allow ME to do anything of the sort, it is not easier for me spot inconsistencies and plot holes, the flexibility that you claim Scrivener offers got in the way of my using it. So I think you may be missing the point of my post.
      It’s also difficult for me to take your comment too seriously as that’s not how I spell my name! Which since it’s in my URL as well as on every page just makes you look like you are not actually concerned about MY opinion, but on promoting a product that I found distracting and almost entirely unusable.

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