Set backs and launch dates

Posted on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 at 13:42

So my failure to prove my identity to the Nat-West bank (and hence they cannot prove to the government that I’m not laundering money, honestly @_@) has meant I can’t move ahead with publishing the book just yet. Never fear though, I have an appointment with Barclays, who I bank with, to open an account next week. You may be asking: why didn’t you go to them first? The answer is fairly simple, for business start-up, the Nat-West are just better, besides considering that Nat-West have just had a big server/computer problem, they are more aware of my particular needs now than Barclays, who on current form, if I could prove my identity better, I would probably be leaving – although they all seem pretty rotten from where I’m sitting these days.

I still have a problem with lack of photo identity, but I will be able to produce oodles of non-photo ID, and they are my bank – so we do have a 20 year relationship already. If they’ll give me an account I’d expect the first book on Amazon (possibly Amazon select) and here (if not on Amazon select in which case it will 90 days later) no later than August 15th.

Otherwise bank accounts and hence book launch will have to wait until I can renew my passport (a not inconsiderable cost that I may be able to justify as a tax write-off now…). In which case it will almost certainly be September before I launch, and I’ll be back with Nat-West…

So until then, I’m going to work on Paradox War: Second Shadow, without a working copy of Word, I’ll be back on Google Docs to do my writing (I favour the feel of Google Docs over the OpenOffice and LibreOffice UIs – it’s mostly a real estate issue). In case you haven’t already guessed I am planning four shorts to “foreshadow” the first novel – Insert groans and general disapproval. I may add more for the later books, but I’ll cross/build/burn that bridge when we get there.