Kids are away, can type away

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 14:09

My parents have taken the kids away on little caravan holiday, a trip into the wilds of Wales, where they will undoubtedly encounter nature spirits of the Sylphs and Undine tribes, which is nice for them, and good for me as it gives me a chance to plunge headlong into editing ‘An0ma1y‘ into something I won’t be too ashamed to place on Amazon.

So my plan is to hammer through the Novel, letting Word and my Kindle Touch read the text to me, so I can hear what I have written (a neat trick for getting around dyslexia I can tell you) , and design a neat cover for Amazon (probably a slimmed down version of the print cover version) and then get selling the first book.

So there won’t be any work on short stories for a little while (although I do have some plans to complete the Four Shadows prequels and perhaps release them as a free E-book to build brand awareness), I think I’ve waited and procrastinated long enough, and I need to expose my work to the world and see who hates it (and why) and who else loves it.

So hopefully next time I post it will be to announce sales, and rework the website design an text as a published author.