The Hunger In The Sky Progress Update

Posted on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 13:58

I made some progress on “The Hunger In The Sky” over the last few weeks. So far I’m 19% complete on the First Draft phase. 7 Weeks until the deadline for the 1st Draft, but that seems to be slipping due to illness (as it’s Fresher Flu season in Liverpool at the moment) and I haven’t managed to get any work done (or really concentrate) all week.

The story is rounding out nicely though. It’s very different in tone to the first two books, following Agent V (Vanessa Price) as she tries to stop the Selkie’s (from “The First Seal“) plans to destroy the surface world with a nuclear submarine (hinted at in the last chapter of “The Wrath Of Atlantis“).

The Mythos elements are a lot stronger, with references to (and appearances by) Deep Ones and a Hound of Tindalos, and the plot revolves around an actual appearance of a Great Old One (plus at least another couple moving in the background). I’m a bit worried that it might be too much of a jump from the main story, as it also involves time-travel, but it’s where I always planned the series going. It helps that we are finally seeing more of Agent V’s world, without her having to keep secrets from her friends. And they have certainly led to some entertaining action scenes so far.

The only thing I haven’t decided yet, and will wait until the end of this draft to decide, is whether I am going to kill Agent V, at the end of this book or later… Decisions, decisions…

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