Recent Changes to T13

Posted on Monday, December 4th, 2017 at 17:32

We played a session of T13 last Friday (my current Paradox Warriors word-building game) and had a ball with a huge combat that involved Rebel Eusaiveans and Norridi’s Faithful Paradox Warriors as well as an Eelafin Mage called Marcellin and a Bulmäs Wizard that turned out to be Mellin (one of Teucoi’s mentors from the Paradox War).

It all ended with a single stacked headshot that used the new Straights rules to utterly destroy the Eelafin Mage with sixteen stacked Carnage Wounds, that also emptied the deck, and ended the Round, killing him before he could reload, side-step or anything else (well probably — it also helped that Mellin dropped him through a portal just as he was dying).

The game shook free a few kinks in the T13 combat system (mostly the way Defences work) and I’ve made some changes to the Ordeal Cards page to reflect these changes.  You might also want to look over the Card Ordeals page too in case.

Referees and Solos may also want to take a gander at the recent changes that have been made to the Yarn Cards and Plot Dæmons for Wefts and Warps (which are now much more complicated beasts, that reflect how actual stories work a little better).

Meanwhile, this week I will mostly be trying to do Christmas shopping and probably won’t get anything done on my WIP “The Hunger In The Sky” – which is probably good as I’m currently trying to work out how to not kill everyone on board Air Force Once as the plane crashes and the selkies from “The First Seal” storm the wreckage. Agent V is not having a very good time of it at all, and I’ve already accidentally killed her twice and had to write around it.

In other news, I really enjoyed Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix (despite the way it portrayed Veterans as either damaged or psychotic and nothing in between, hopefully they’ll fix that in a second series…) perhaps because I cut the hard stuff with Amazon’s The Tick, which was comedic superhero fodder almost as good as the old cartoon series. I’ve just started watching Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle too, which is also kind of awesome.

Anyway that’s it… Laters folks