Back from Holidays

Posted on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at 20:47

Well I’m still jet-lagged but finally am back from an epic two week break in Florida.


During the holiday me and my family (including my Brother-in-law and Mother-in-law) visited all the usual tourist places around Orlando and I got absolutely no work done – it was a complete break from work.

Disney world entrance

Maybe the most famous holiday view ever…


It was a pretty incredible holiday, full of beautiful things to see and do like :

Hogsmeade at Universal Studios islands of adventure

The rooftops of Hogsmeade as any Harry Potter fan can tell.

Which kept my youngest happy waving his dragon heartstring oak wand for many an hour… The way you wave the wand makes various magical things happen all around the Harry Potter sections of the park.

And then the truly sublime like:

sun in clouds

The Sun breaking through a thunderhead cloud over the Disney Artificial lake

And the more obvious for those who have ever dreamed of visiting Epcot for a learning experience:

the Epcot ball

How they fit a ride in the giant golfball I’ll never really understand.

I even got towed along by a dolphin, but the pictures of that will have to wait until I’ve sorted them out… (I don’t think it’s would be fair to inflict on you the hundreds of pictures of my family that I have to sort through) – but I will try and find the pictures I took that are particularly nice and post them to my Tumblr feed later…

Of course, I arrived back to find that my site had gone a little crazy and the Tumblr feed had duplicated the daily post every day for the last couple of weeks, and mysteriously I had been accumulating more hits than normal because of it – although only one comment was awaiting moderation 🙂 also I have a sheaf of updates to install which will probably bring the site down for a bit as they install…

Apologies if you follow a link that has since been deleted. But you should find what you came for by removing the extra number on the end of the url…