Disney think Flash is cool

Posted on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 at 19:00

It’s 2012 and Disney have a 2002 technology based website. Yes they are still demanding Flash, and what is more aren’t offering a mobile version for smartphone or tablet.

Come on Disney, most kids use an iPod, phone or games console to do their web surfing– none of which have Flash capability, are you really going punish kids because you haven’t worked out that the Internet has changed. For shame.


Not only are they not with the program, they even have the audacity to suggest that I don’t have the latest browser and need to upgrade! Insult to incompetence!

And all because I wanted to read an episode list for the ‘Ultimate Spider-man’ show, good show that my kids are loving, but why do I need to fire up a huge PC to get some program details. Come on Disney, we want mobile web…

Okay, back to the novel writing and site redesign now. 😉