Amazon Paradox War Trilogy Paradox

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 15:44

I was facebooking when another Indie Author (Drew A Avera) told me that he had just noticed that Amazon had made a bundle of his books, but that he had to manually add the bundle to his Amazon Author page.

I went and checked it out, and sure enough the Paradox War Trilogy has a bundle page here.


So I’ve added it to my Author page too. The 1st book is still free on Kindle, and still needs more reviews on (it has a few on

The question is why, since Amazon know who authors the individual books, didn’t they automate this process (or at least notify me that the bundle page existed)?

Hopefully I can add the bundle page to my adverts, now that I know it exists, without too much trouble.

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