I don’t believe it.

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 at 13:07

Here I go about to hit publish. I click on the link to the KDP dashboard and…


Kindle Direct Publishing is down!

A self-publishing fail!

I’ll have to try again later, or perhaps tomorrow now, as the kids will be back from school all too soon. Sigh.

An0ma1y awaiting amazon review

Gave it another try one hour later and… It Worked!

It worked, although I’m a little disturbed by the lack of submission date… I choose to assume that the submission value awaits approval too, I guess I’ll find out in 12 hours or 48 depending if Eusaivean text triggers the foreign language or not (really shouldn’t I didn’t tag anything as Eusaivean).

I’ll let you know.