The Paradox War Omnibus Paperback

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 12:45

I finally finished editing and assembling an Omnibus edition of the entire Paradox War.
Desi, Garner’s and Teucoi’s stories are all available in this one epic volume. Including the short stories First Shadow and Second Shadow.

I reduced the fontsize in this edition to cram the whole story into less than 500 pages (but only just), otherwise this book would be over 800 pages long. Less pages means less cost and I’ve managed to get the cost down below £15 on Amazon (and about £12 on Lulu itself).

Paradox War Omnibus cover

The epic Time-Travel Genre-Mash ‘The Paradox War’ all in one volume.

I also created an all new (well maybe mostly if you look hard you might make out the original covers hiding in there) cover for the whole series. I’m thinking about putting the Omnibus edition out as an ebook through Lulu as well, that way I’ll get Nook and iBooks support built in… Watch this space I guess.

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